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LightWeight Aggregate (LWA)

World Blended Additives LightWeight Aggregate is the answer to making your industrial product more lightweight, more productive and easier to apply. With our low density and high compressive strength features, LWA is a product you can trust.
LWA is produced from a very widely available raw material, post-consumer recycled glass. Expanded glass beads are manufactured from this raw material, making it environmentally friendly and protective of natural resources.
LWA is available in 8 grain sizes from .04 mm to 8.0 mm, making it a versatile product which can be used in many applications to meet your specifications.

Advantages of LightWeight Aggregate

  • LWA creates sustainable sites

  • LWA enhances energy performance

  • LWA is made from post-consumer recycled glass

  • LWA enhances thermal comfort

  • LWA is innovative

Typical Uses of LightWeight Aggregate

DRY MORTAR and Construction Chemical Products

  • Plasters and Stuccos

  • Cementitious Adhesives

  • Base Coats for EIFS

  • Underlayments/Concrete Repair Products


  • Acoustic and cooling/heating panels

  • Carrier boards for facade systems

  • Light weight boards

  • Fire resistant boards


  • Lightweight concrete

  • Thermally insulated lightweight concrete

  • Stone veneer/Wall cladding

  • Specialized concrete


  • Loose fills

  • Cement-bound fills

  • Resin-bound fills

  • Heat storage

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