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LightWeight Aggregate (LWA)

World Blended Additives LightWeight Aggregate is the answer to making your industrial product more lightweight, more productive and easier to apply. With our low density and high compressive strength features, LWA is a product you can trust.
LWA is produced from a very widely available raw material, post-consumer recycled glass. Expanded glass beads are manufactured from this raw material, making it environmentally friendly and protective of natural resources.
LWA is available in 8 grain sizes from .04 mm to 8.0 mm, making it a versatile product which can be used in many applications to meet your specifications.

Cement Additives

You are responsible for your cement project so let us help you pick the correct cement additive to make it work. With over 30 years of experience in the cement industry, you are sure to receive an additive that will perform up to the capabilities you are expecting. Our team will help you optimize your project to its maximum capacity, thus, making your client satisfied.
  • Non Shrink Additive 1
  • Non Shrink Additive 2
  • Vinyl Patch Additive
  • Water Stop Additive
  • Anchor Cement Additive
  • Post Hole Additive
  • Fast Set Additive

Our Vision

Cement Additives and Admixtures

World Blended Additives produces quality admixtures for the cement industry. Added to your Portland Cement and Sand formula, our admixtures will provide some of the following features.


  • Faster Set Time

  • Rapid Strength Development

  • Decreased Water to Cement Ratio

  • Increased Bond, Compressive and Flexural Strength

  • Improved Workability/Pourability

  • Non Shrink Characteristics

  • Non Metallic/Non Corrosive Characteristics



Please check Technical Data Sheets for each product to determine what characteristics match each product.

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