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Dry Mortar and Construction Chemical Products

Lighter, Better, Faster....



  • Lightweight mortars

  • Restoration renders

  • Insulation and acoustic renders

  • Brush-on render

  • Finishing plaster

  • Lightweight tile adhesives

  • Base coat for external insulation finish systems (EIFS)

  • Self-leveling underlayments (SLU)

  • Concrete repair products

  • Putties

  • Lightweight screed

  • Weight reduction

  • High yield

  • Improved spreading behavior

  • Thermal insulation

  • Sound absorption

  • Crack reduction

  • Increased flexibility

  • Reduced slip

  • Lower sag levels

  • Ease of application

Cementitious Adhesives

LightWeight Aggregate facilitates higher yield, higher layer thicknesses and better spreading behavior thanks to the ball-bearing effect. Render and plaster with LightWeight Additive excels also by superb thermal insulation and sound absorption properties, class A fire safety rating and resistance to UV radiation and micro-organisms

Base Coats For EIFS

LightWeight Aggregate scores in base coats and reinforcement mortars with increased flexibility and crack reduction. The low density of LightWeight Aggregate results in substantially higher area coverage, good thermal insulation properties as well as reduction in weight. The ball-bearing effect of its granules offers significant advantages in terms of spreading behavior and application properties.

Plasters and Stuccos

LightWeight Aggregate supports the most important features of advanced tile adhesives through its advantageous properties. The precise spherical shape of its granules improves the spreading behavior, while the low density increases coverage up to 60 %. LightWeight Aggregate reduces the E-modulus of the adhesive and its creamy white color is also suitable for the production of white adhesive for marble applications.


Repair Products

The low density of LightWeight Aggregate results in up to 35 % higher yield with a simultaneous reduction of the weight, which is advantageous especially for meeting engineering requirements on restoration and renovation projects. The E-modulus (Young´s modulus) can also be reduced without sacrificing strength. The lower weight also facilitates mixing of the product and the spreading behavior is improved by the spherical shape of its granules.

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