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additives, admixtures, cement, concrete, grout, mortar


World Blended Products was started more than 15 years ago by Richard Grabowski in his North Carolina facility. World Blended Additives was created to meet a need in the cement industry to improve the strength and design of finished dry packaged cementitious products. Bob Post and Rich were friends and had a rapport in the industry for 35 years until Rich's passing in 2012. With Bob's 35 years of experience in the cement additive industry, he assumed Rich's assets in the company in 2013. Today, Bob Post and World Blended Additives continue to produce high quality admixtures for the finished dry packaged industry. For more the full story please visit our sister site by clicking the "Learn More" button below.   

additives, admixtures, cement, concrete, grout, mortar
additives, admixtures, cement, concrete, grout, mortar

About Us.


The Inca Company was founded by Robert Post as a W R Bonsal Company licensee to blend, package, and market specialty cement products and liquid acrylic admixture additives in 1971. Inca marketed their products throughout the northeast US via the emerging DIY market and masonry retailers. Inca continued to develop other products for the mining industry, racquetball, and home foundation markets along with toll blending and packaging services.


Five Star Grout, Five Star Highway, and Nash Babcock Engineering Products became an Inca customer in the 80’s in order to provide a toll blending and packaging facility to service their increased sales demand. Rich Grabowski was in charge of quality control, production, and development of different ways to manufacture and package products for manufacturing and distribution. From this experience, Rich utilized his knowledge to develop packaged concentrates to provide quality control for finished products at all blending and packaging locations.


Rich went on to be Vice President in charge of product design and manufacturing for several Babcock Companies. His understanding of cement and influencing ingredients ultimately resulted in Rich being awarded several patents for unique product design and performance. During his Babcock service tenure, Rich added many production facilities throughout the US.


Rich was an energetic and entrepreneurial person who was never satisfied with corporate politics and chose to move on in 2001 to be in charge of his own destiny. He worked for several start ups and eventually started his own company in 2008. Rich founded Structural Rehab Products, World Blended Products, and R & D Packaging, LLC. in Ellerbe, NC.


Bob and Rich remained friends, continuing a business rapport, for over 35 years. In 2012, Bob and Rich set up a joint venture under the R & D Packaging Services umbrella to offer toll blending, contract packaging, and private labeling of cement and asphalt based construction products until Rich’s passing in August 2012.


Bob offered to continue the plan as R & D Packaging of Pa, Inc. with Donis Grabowski as Facility Manager and Ryan Williams as Production Manager of the NC facility in January 2013. Donis Grabowski, Ryan Williams, and Dan Post, along with an encouraging customer and friend Mike Pemberton, President of Unique Paving Materials, have challenged themselves with the task of making Rich’s plan a reality.


We’re happy to report as of June 2016, we’re “Keeping Things Fresh” at R & D while building a financially sound company with a reputation for quality products and reliable customer service.

additives, admixtures, cement, concrete, grout, mortar
additives, admixtures, cement, concrete, grout, mortar
Our Vision.


World Blended Additives produces quality admixtures for the cement industry. Added to your Portland Cement and Sand formula, our admixtures will provide some of the following features.


  • Faster Set Time

  • Rapid Strength Development

  • Decreased Water to Cement Ratio

  • Increased Bond, Compressive and Flexural Strength

  • Improved Workability/Pourability

  • Non Shrink Characteristics

  • Non Metallic/Non Corrosive Characteristics



Please check Technical Data Sheets for each product to determine what characteristics match each product.

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